Friday, March 09, 2007

Moustache of the Week

The NOML congratulates ueberphilosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, this week's NOML Moustache of the Week Award winner. Before driven mad and, eventually, to his grave by syphilis, Nietzsche contributed a body of philisophical work that continues to rank among the most influential in history. More impressively, his walrus moustache set the standard by which all future walruses would be judged. Congratulations, Nietzsche. The moustache community salutes you!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Moustache Times Interviews Nate Bowler, Part 2

Moustache Times: So, about your moustache...
Nate Bowler: Yeah, well, after the contest went up in flames, it all just felt like a big farce. The NOML, my moustache, everything. So...I...I...shaved it, just like that. I shaved it, I shaved it! Oh GOD, I shaved it!
MT: Please, take a minute.
NB: I just...I just...
MT: Do you think your moustache has a future.
NB: I don't know. Oh, I'm sorry. I promised myself I wouldn't get emotional...
MT: Here, take my handkerchief.
NB: You're very kind, Don. And you have a lovely moustache. A pencil, right? With just a dab of Clubman wax?
MT: Truly, you're a connoiseur. How do you respond to the fans who forgive you, who say the moustache community needs someone like you?
NB: Well, Don, it just shows you what our fans are all about. Best fans in the world. They know that moustaches aren't just for guys who hang around playgrounds.
MT: Do you think that Jeff Bowler should be reinstated into the NOML?
NB: No.
MT: No?
NB: I mean, yes.
MT: Does the NOML have a future? Many are saying that Jeff Bowler's actions represent the death knell of what was once a great league...
NB: Indeed the most powerful moustache league in all of northern Ohio.
MT: And the only one.
NB: Yes. Listen, Don, the NOML is bigger than all of us. It will be here when Nate and Jeff Bowler are long gone.
MT: Or it could be gone tomorrow.
NB: Possibly.
MT: And your thoughts on a 2007 Championship?
NB: You never know, Don. You never know.

Jeff Bowler

Jeff Bowler

Nate Bowler

Nate Bowler

NOML Championship Kickoff 2006

NOML Championship Kickoff 2006
Contestants shake in agreement of official rules

New Razors. See official contest rules

New Razors.  See official contest rules
He isn't this much bigger than me. Optical Illusion!

Simultaneous Shave

Simultaneous Shave

Clean Shaven

Clean Shaven
Let the Championship begin!